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I received a letter from the police informing me that I am going to be charged, what should I do next?

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In such a situation, the letter may also contain a notice to attend court or instructions to attend a police station at a specific date and time (where the charges are formally served on you and you are given a chance to state your position on the charges). Do not panic but seek help from a reliable criminal lawyer who can explain to you the full extent of your liability, as well as to explore your options.

When you are formally served with your charges, a further statement (known as a cautioned statement) will be recorded from you. It is important for you to clearly state your position in relation to the charges. This includes any defences that you feel that you might have available to you. This is especially important if you intend to contest the charges by claiming trial. Failing to state your defences when recording your statements may result in the court being less likely to believe your defence.

It is thus important for you to seek legal advice prior to having your cautioned statement recorded. While many find the experience of going through the criminal justice system to be daunting and painful, this does not necessarily have to be the case when you have an experienced criminal lawyer by your side to guide you and to fight your case for you.

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