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How much would it cost for a lawyer to defend me?

By 14 January 2022 No Comments

There are firms that quote a fixed fee for certain types of cases. However, we do not share that practice because each case has different charges and different number of charges. It would be helpful to know what your options are and based on the option that you decide to take we would be able to better inform you of the legal fees that you are looking at.

We don’t wish to short change you by only doing your defense up to a certain amount. If we decide to take on your case and defend you, you can trust that we will be with you all the way and that we would be reasonable in our fees as well.

Our first consultations are free and that’s where we assess your charges and matter so don’t worry and schedule a consultation session with us and we can take it from there.

If you require more information that are not listed in our articles, or legal advice on a specific matter, please contact us for a free first consultation.