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How is bail furnished?

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All bail must be furnished in Singapore Dollars.

If your bailor is a Singapore Citizen, and the bail amount is $15,000 and below, your bailor may provide security by proving personal property items. Your bailor can pledge the amount with his or her NRIC. Your bailor may alternatively pledge his/her property (e.g. jewellery) which have been fully paid for.

If the bail amount exceeds $15,000, your bailor must provide security by means of cash or cash equivalent such as a cashier’s order, fixed deposit or the most recent e-statement of his/her savings account(s).

Lastly, you must not breach the bail conditions. If you do so, your bail may be revoked, and the bail amount forfeited. This means that you will again be remanded by the Police, and your bailor will have to attend court to explain why his/her bail monies should not be forfeited.

Further, it is an offence under section 106A of the Criminal Procedure Code for you and your bailor to enter into an agreement for you to indemnify him/her of the bail amount should your bail be forfeited.

If you are unable to find a bailor who can afford the bail sum, you may consider applying to the Court for the bail sum to be reduced. The Court will then consider whether to allow your application. If you decide to engage a lawyer, your lawyer will be able to help you make this application.

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