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Can I reject a urine test or polygraph examination by the police?

By 14 January 2022 No Comments

A urine test or polygraph examination would usually take place during the investigation process and if you are a suspect to the case.

After seizing the physical evidence relevant to the investigations, the Investigation Officer would then refer the evidence to various experts to conduct the necessary tests on the evidence if necessary. These include:

  • extracting data from mobile phones / laptops etc,
  • DNA / fingerprint examinations,
  • analysis of drug samples and/or urine samples etc.

The reports published from these tests would then be used as evidence during the investigative process.

If you are a witness and/or suspect to the case, you may also be asked to undergo a polygraph examination (also known as a lie detector test).

It is important to note that the Police cannot compel anyone to undergo this examination as the results of this examination is not admissible as evidence in court. Instead, it gives the Investigation Officer general guidance on whether a witness or suspect is “probably truthful” or “probably untruthful”.

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